Ask the Windowmaker

Jessie W. Cano, Jr. – President of the Windowmaker Company learned his trade in San Francisco, California where many antique wood windows were made of heart redwood and lasted over 100 years. He brings 30 years experience as a manufacturer of custom wood windows to the historical and custom wood window marketplace.

The Windowmaker manufacturers replicated, historical wood window sashes with true mortise, tenon and peg joinery in a variety of woods including Cypress, Spanish Cedar, and Honduran Mahogany.

If you have a question for The Windowmaker, please feel free to contact us.

If appropriate, we will post the answer here, in addition to sending you a personal response. A few previous questions, with their answers, are displayed below.

I want to repair my old windows using the frames that hold the glass but changing the lite pattern. It was 4 lites and I want 3 vertical lites so that the window sash match the older part of my house. How do I do this? Do I have to have new sashes made? Can I change the muntins out myself? What do I need to do this?

Answer: You have two choices; buy new sash or if you have some basic carpentry skills and time then you can do it yourself. You might find that buying a new sash is less expensive depending on how valuable your time is. If you do decide to remake your sash yourself, my suggestions are as follows:

  1. remove old putty and points, being careful not to break the old glass.
  2. cut out with a coping saw all muntins from the sash.
  3. fill mortise holes with epoxy filler, let dry and sand to match existing profile.
  4. purchase lineal muntin stock to match (send us a piece).
  5. cut to lengths as needed, use a chisel and coping saw you can replace into existing sash with good waterproof glue.
  6. brush rabbet with linseed oil, apply a back bedding of glazing putty.
  7. cut and set glass utilizing old glass where possible.
  8. hold the glass in place with glazing points.
  9. putty lites to match or we can provide new wood stops to match your old ones. (submit sample).

Now that you are ready to reinstall this repaired sash into old frames it would be a good time to inspect frames, weatherstrip, and change the old rope as well as service the pulleys with a lubricant. Good luck! If you need pricing on products to complete this project, please contact us

I have a home that was built in 1971. The wood double hung sash has wooden grills that snap into holders on the sash. The window manufacturer is out of business and most of the grills are broken and the holders are also broken. They are very fragile and the previous owner was not careful. Where can I buy replacement wood grills that are paintable that come with a retaining system?

If you let me know the sizes of your grills and your lite pattern then I would be happy to give you a cost of replicating them. My recommendation would be to make your new grills in full surround fashion. Also if you are inclined to try and build them yourself then I can recommend the necessary tooling to do so. Please call me on my cell phone at (813) 789-7037 and we can talk about it further. Thanks for your inquiry.


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